Location based services

IQWiFi’s location based services makes it easy to understand how people move around your venue. This includes entry and exit points, the paths they take, choke points and queue lengths.

Overlay the portal’s demographic data captured in your venue too, and you now have a powerful resource for making decisions about optimizing sales and venue spaces.

Meet WiBeacon

With the right hardware setup and the correct number of access point in venue, WiFi’s Location Based Services can be exceptionally accurate in understanding your customer’s physical movements. But for those venues or zones which require a higher percentage of accuracy, our WiBeacon comes into its own. Integrated with your existing WiFi network you can enhance your customer tracking to achieve queue monitoring and triggering of highly relevant events.


Keep moving in the right direction

We are all familiar with using wayfinding applications, from a car’s sat nav to mobile applications such as Google Maps, all of which which work great outdoors, but fail the minute you’re indoors.

With location based services activated, the IQWiFi portal provides an easy to use interface for building site maps with zones, points of interest, routes and many other useful tools.

Put an end to your queue

Using IQWiFi’s location system you can monitor queue lengths and depths in real time and create alerts when thresholds are approaching or met. You can also analyze historic data to understand behaviour patterns to effectively trouble-shoot and allocate business resources.


Highest level of accuracy

IQWiFi believe in using the best data source for retrieving location and device information at any given time. From GPS to WiFi to Bluetooth, there’s a whole lot of data available out there to be collected. IQWiFi’s platform analyzes any data points available in real time from any sources to always provide you with the highest level of accuracy.


LogicFlow is IQWiFi’s easy to use interface which comprises of drag and drop technology and the setting of actions.

Whether you need an action to track valuable assets, people, weather conditions or customer behavior, for creating hyper relevant communications, we’ve got it covered.


Maps, the way they should be

At IQWiFi, we’ve seen a lot of digital maps over the years, and rarely are they the object of beauty. IQWiFi’s map redrawing service for businesses, starts them off in the right direction and once completed, our intuitive map management system can be utilized to keep it up-to-date; creating zones, points of interest, transition nodes, modes of transport and more. Add these maps to websites, printed material and wayfinding apps and your customers will find you every time.

SDK and Browser Based

Whether you want to drop all of this IQWiFi’s functionality into your own mobile app, have it served up in a web browser or maybe both, IQWiFi have the tools available to help businesses get the right balance for their venues and users.