Spaces tell a story

Physical spaces provide an abundance of digital technology and data and this is being collected in real-time every day. Finally businesses can access the same level of insight and analytics, websites have benefited from for years.

Plug and play

Plug and play connectors from IQWiFi allow you to bring all your data sources together into one place. Where WiFi offers the perfect solution to analyze footfall, dwell, bounce, demographics and many other data points like never before. Add to this, your own layer of enterprise data from CRM, Loyalty, POS and other sources with Open Data and Sensors, and you have a truly magnificent solution.


Analyze this

Using IQWiFi’s analytics features, businesses can understand their physical space in a whole new way. By simply dragging and dropping any data source into our dashboard, business teams can distinguish how one source affects another. So, if this week’s increase in web traffic; impacts footfall or last week’s weather affects your end of month sales in store, IQWiFi can analyze it.

Track it today

IQWiFi’s LogicFlow allows you to trigger granular events, based on all data sources at your disposal. Whether that’s a time-sensitive promotion targeting current footfall, weather or demographic communications relative to a specific individual or group, we’ve got it covered. You can even track asset’s whereabouts against mixed data sets.


Future proof your IoT strategy

IQWiFi offers a flexible platform that grows with your IoT and IoE strategy. As you add more sensors and other data sources become available, you can drop them straight into IQWiFi’s platform to analyze them against everything else connected, and take meaningful actions.