We connect people

IQWiFi connects people to your business.

Connection can be done via social networks or an simple login form. IQWiFi  can be served to people anywhere in the world, in their own language and is fast, user friendly and secure.

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Real-time data insight

IQWiFi provides you with real-time information

Detailed insight into your consumers and their behaviour. It’s available anywhere, anytime.

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Remarketing made easy

Staying in touch with with your customers is easy with IQWiFi.

Our portal has a built in CRM and with our drag and drop marketing campaign interface you are able to take intelligent action that will excite your customers.

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Seamless re-connection

With its built-in re-connection feature, IQWiFi allows your customers to dynamically log in each time they revisit your business. Doesn’t matter if they are nearby or on the other side of the world.

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